What are the major Engineering fields: 2- Structural

The information below is important in identifying major

branches within the greater engineering field.

What are the major Engineering fields:

2- Structural

3- Mechanical-HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning)

5- Electrical for Building and construction

6- Electrical for circuit design and automotives

7- Electrical for industrial design

8- Industrial Design

9- Bio-Diversity or Bio Chemical

10- Atomic energy and nuclear

11- Oil and mineral

12- Chemical

13- Aerospace

14- Auto industry design and engineering………

And much more……….

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What will be the core issues in any engineering field?

1- Problem Solving

2- Creativity

What will strengthen any individual in tackling the 3 core items noted above?

1- Education in the field that he or she wants to be an engineer in

2- Reading-Studying and being a life-long learner

3- Maintaining cutting edge knowledge of the trends for the present and future

4- Train to draw and understand graphics related to engineering in both manual

(traditional such as sketching with pencil and pens) as well as electronic (Computer

aided design and drafting or CADD)

5- Train and study mathematics not as a course but as the best mental exercise to open

the mind.

“What aerobics do to the body, mathematics do to the mind and brain”

6- Venn Diagram and where three circles of “Imagine”, “See” and “Draw”


Assignment 2-Part 2-Due Wed Oct 8th 2014: Copy and paste the links shown below

on your browser and then listen to the lectures. Files are heavy since they are

both Audio and Visual. You might have to upload couple of times until everything

1- Lecture 1:Engineering fields: http://www.livescribe.com/cgi–



2- Lecture 2: http://www.livescribe.com/cgi–



3- Lecture 3:Venn Diagram: http://www.livescribe.com/cgi–



Video’s to watch-Due Wed Oct 8th 2014:

4- A day in a life of Chemical engineer:


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