Public health department in the nursing division

Disaster Planning Scenario: You are the PHN working at your local public health department in the nursing division. It is the middle of summer, and you have been receiving telephone calls asking about the flu season since the vaccine wasnt accurate in predicting the strains of influenza that affected your community last year, and many people contracted the virus. Business and community leaders are concerned because they dont want a repeat performance of last year.

As you consider the scenarios you have selected, think about the following considerations as you develop your responses. Which agencies are available to lead and assist in the disaster response? What resources are available in your community? How might resources be used most efficiently?

Are there any gaps that may pose a problem? Some people are home sick, and others are staying home fearful that they may become infected with the flu. What advice would you give to local business owners to prepare for this event? Name two actions that business owners can take to keep their businesses open. Scenario 1, Part B.  What advice can you give these business owners?


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