Introduction to Engineering Profession

ENGR 101, Introduction to Engineering Profession

Engineering Profile Paper Guidelines

Description of Assignment:

Select the profile of a real-life professional engineer and write a short report on this individual’s professional and personal life and career choices. You can choose an engineer from the list of engineer profiles provided in the textbook or choose to write about an engineer in your life or history. In essay format, write a thoughtful response to include:

· Why you chose this individual

· Where this individual received his/her education

· What this individual currently does or has done

· How you relate to this individual (include any facts you found interesting)

· What decisions you can and should make now to aspire to be that engineer

Format (use the APA paper template):

· Cover page: 1 page

· Number of pages (not including cover page): 1 page (double-spaced)

· APA Style: 1” margins, 5-space indents for each paragraph

· Structure: Introduction, Body, Conclusion

· Reference section: 1 page


· Submit your revised paper through the “Dropbox” link for Engineering Profile Paper

· You may re-submit your paper as many times as you would like until the due date. Papers must be submitted by due dates. Please refer to the syllabus. Missed due date receives 10% penalty per day.

· If you turn it in multiple times, you will be able to view the “originality” report. Look at the “originality” report. Look at it section-by-section. If the section is indicated as: “% match (student papers from . . .), this refers to a portion of your writing as matching that of another student. Re-write only those areas that reference other sources and/or internet sites. The similarity score must be < 15%. NO HARD COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.


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