Human Resource Management and Information SystemsTwo quick questions..

Human Resource Management and Information SystemsTwo quick questions.. Total 400 words or lessQuestion 1 (150 Words or less)The field of Human Resource Management has evolved over the last two decades to become a business partnership within most organizations. What factors would you suggest led to the increase of business leaders now viewing Human Resources professionals as strategic business partners and not just administrative personnel? Please support your answer with at least three reasons that justify your position.Question 2Research ways that Information Systems have been misused. Using the Internet, find an example of an organization that has misused Information Systems. Write a brief summary (250 words or less) of the example you researched. Identify the level of the organization where the misuse primarily occurred. Explain how this impacted other levels of the organization. Explain how your example highlights the importance of information at various levels of an organization.Must not be plagiarizedMust be an original responseAnswer must be in proper English languageCannot be one big paraphraseMust be required length and NOT MUCH LONGERThere is no updating after deadlineTutors named Jood.AMC and Rahulbansai Are not allowed to answer this question or question will automatically be denied due to incorrect answer of not fulfilling requirements


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