Go to a musical concert(see the different types of music we haveseen in the periods to this point and what else we will study in future weeks);

Instructions for LP8.2Cultural ActivityAn Experiencein the Arts

This is LP8.2 assignment

For this assignment you need to do something.When you read the assignment instructions,you will note that is an active assignment as in you need to do somethinghere.1)Go to a musical concert(see the different types of music we haveseen in the periods to this point and what else we will study in future weeks);

2) enjoy a theater production(that can be a live play or even a videopresentation)how about renting abroadway musical like LesMiserables, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, West Side Story, or anymusical.This gives both music,literature and theater.Also classicalplays that you can find on the internet or CD.Shakespeare for example Manyarea colleges, community theaters even high schools have theater productions ormusic concerts and more.Do Not re-tellthe story in your essay but tell of your entire Experience in the Arts and thenrelate to what we have and will study in this course.

3) Enjoy a museum.You can find many museums in yourregion.Again there should be an exhibiton something we study in this course.For example the Field Museum in Chicago has a great exhibit in ancientEgyptMany colleges in your area mayhave special exhibits to viewYou willhave to do some research and investigation to find places or exhibits to seeand experience.You do not need to goto a major city for a good museum with material on topic we study in minimuseums and periods of history we study in this course.Take pictures and include them in youressay.That helps us all understandmore of your activity/experience.

4) Other quick ideas includeRenaissance Festivals


sculpturegardens or classical sculpture exhibits

visitan art gallery

visita cathedral or other religions or government

buildingwith architecture that we study

visit things that deals with thetopics in mini museums( takepicturesCell phones or camera andattach or include in your essay)

Remember to call ahead if you visita museum or something like that as the staff may have extra material or helpyou in different ways since this is a college assignment in the arts.

5) Virtual ideasYou can do any of theabove virtually (internet

researchwill be needed as you find some

thingto âdoâ

The assignment instructions do allow for some otherâactivitiesâ like a documentary, a religions service, etc.I do urge you to do something else but willaccept the above as they are approved activities.Remember this is not a research paper youare writing but an experience in the arts.That is why I suggest doing a virtual experience or rent a video(musical, theater, even classical movie).Again read the assignment instructions again and the gradingcriteria.Then be sure you can do agood 1200 word essay on your Experience in the Arts.

On the essay â tell me all about the experience.This is NOT a research paper on a topic buta report and personal reaction to an experience.So if you watch a Broadway Musical forexample, tell of your reaction to the music, what do the lyrics tell of?What things do you see and experience in themusical ?How about the setting, thestory, the theater/drama, who did you see this with?What was their reaction? Etc etc.Tell me the entire experience onanything- sights sounds smells andeverything.Do Not just re-tell the story but tell of your experience(the sounds sights etc plus costumes, music,drama, theater, scenes, staging and everything)

A Broadway musical is a good idea if you cannot travel tovisit something actually.

If you are going to a museum, art show, etc call ahead andoften the staff will give you special material to help you if you tell them youare doing this for a college class.

Remember to find something that interests you.This is an activity for you to do andexperience.Then the essay will tell meabout the experience and what you learned in the activity.Tell me of your entire experience includingwho you do this with, what was your reaction?What did you learn?Then relateto what the textbook has on this as well.

I hope this helps you find an activity here.The essay has to be 1200 words or more asper the assignment instructions.Againtell of your Experience in the Arts in your essay.Donât just re-tell a story or a trip butwhat artistic things did you experience.This is an Activity so relate that activity and what you learned and whatimpacted you the most.What you reallyliked, What you did not enjoy, and everything.Tell of the building, the event and feelings and emotions.Then who went with you and what did theythink.Relate to us all the things thatmade an impact on you and others.


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