For this Crisis Management?_2, it’s better to choose a company’s case to write. For example, the Toyota’s brake problems.

For this Crisis Management?_2, it’s better to choose a company’s case to write. For example, the Toyota’s brake problems.
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Business Continuity & Crisis Management?_2 – (master level, 3000words, 20 July 11)

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Business Continuity & Crisis Management_2/BCM – Guidance on Assignment 2 2011.ppt Assessment 2  Report 3000 words Weighting 50% Select a major organisational crisis and write a report outlining the key issues that the organisation faced and how these issues were managed. You are expected to critically evaluate the handling of the event in terms of both crisis management and crisis communication efforts and provide recommendations for improvement where appropriate. Guidance on Assignment 2 – Report Using report structure: Give a brief outline of the organisational crisis you have selected and the events which occurred. This should include background information about the organisation and about the crisis – limit this to no more than approx 500 words – you should not have pages of description – marks are awarded for analysis not for description. Guidance on Assignment 2 – Report Outline the key business continuity issues which they faced and how0 these were dealt managed e.g. Were there early warning signs? Who was involved? How did the crisis unfold? Consider the extent to which the business was disrupted? What did they do to minimise business interruption? How did they handle the media? How did they communicate the crisis to other stakeholders? Consider the impact the event had on the organisation: the scale of the event; the cost to the company – short term & long term; consider the organisations various stakeholders, in what ways were they impacted? NOTE: this is not an exhaustive list for you to work your way through, these are just some ideas for you to think about. Concentrate on which of these aspects are most important for your crisis and consider issues over and above these suggestions where possible. KEY POINT: THIS MUST BE ANALYSED THROUGHOUT IN RELATION TO RELEVANT ACADEMIC THEORY AND LITERATURE. EXPLAIN THE EVENTS IN TERMS OF THEORY ON CRISIS MANAGEMENT AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION Guidance on Assignment 2 – Report Provide an evaluation of how…



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