Evaluate and apply appropriate selection procedures in the selection of materials for engineering applications

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Choosing the right material and its method of transformation into a product at the right cost and with due regard to environmental considerations is one of the most important decisions in the development of a product. This assignment will allow you to examine the design, materials selection and manufacture of a mechanical assembly.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the assignment you should be able to:-
1 Evaluate and apply appropriate selection procedures in the selection of materials for engineering applications

2 Correctly select manufacturing processes in relation to the quality and quantity of components required

3 Evaluate and apply concepts 1 and 2 in a work based case study situation.

The Brief

You work for an organisation which brands itself as eco-friendly. It is going to market a range of bicycles and wants to emphasise the eco-friendliness of its products. You have been tasked with finding eco-friendly solutions for the bicycle components.

Find out the materials requirements for each of the components – e.g. bicycle frame (i.e. strength, stiffness, durability etc.).

Find out the materials currently used for the component – their advantages, disadvantages and their eco-friendliness (e.g. embodied energy and CO2 impact). Suggest you use CES Level 2 with eco properties data base.

Choose a material for a lightweight eco-friendly bicycle and a cost effective way by which it can be manufactured in quantities of 20000 per year. Again show evidence of using CES.

Justify your selection.

Reading Materials

Module lecture and support notes.
Internet websites i.e GrantaDesign.
Ashby – Materials Selection in Mechanical Design

Submission Requirements

A typed report of between around 3500 words in length in the form of a technical report. Appropriate British Standards must be quoted. A disc with your CES work must be included.

Suggested Layout of Report




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