Engineering paper

Grading Rubric

Your submission will be graded on the following criteria:


Cover page and rubric provided w/o modification (except name) 5

LastName, FirstName added to cover page and rubric 5

Given/Required/Solution format followed – OK to attach folded, annotated copy of P-601 for portion of “given” information


Engineering paper used 5

Proper header provided 5

Proper engineering figures (straightedge, to scale, etc.) 5

Subheaders provided in “Solution” section to organize work 5

Final answers clearly identified 5

Final answer units of feet and pounds 5

(B) Dead Load: Loading Diagram 5

(B) Dead Load: Support Reactions 10

(B) Live Load: Loading Diagram 5

(B) Live Load: Support Reactions 10

(C) Wind Load: Loading Diagram 5

(C) Wind Load: Support Reactions 10

(C) Wind Load: 3D Wind Load Reaction Discussion w/ Diagram & Reasoning 5

Overall professional presentation (well organized, easy to follow, proper grammar, clear calcs, etc.)



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