Draft List of Requirements for Application Backup and Restore System

Draft List of Requirements for Application Backup and Restore System
The following are the core requirements of this assignment.
_ Application should permanently store any change in settings/options with the facility of applying default settings (application settings or the registry can be used to permanently save settings). Proper user interface/form should facilitate the user to change and store settings.
_ Application should have the mechanism of authentication. At first startup of the application, it should ask the user to select authentication mode from the following:
– Password protected (user must enter user id and password every time to use the application)
– Default (no password required to use the application)
_ User should be able to define the physical paths (paths on hard disk) for backup and restore operations.
_ Backup of code and database should be stored in hard disk with proper time/date postfix or prefix, so that the user can easily understand each backup.
_ Backup/Restore of the code should be the simple backup/restore of the folders in which code files are stored, to the user-specified backup and restore path.
_ Backup/Restore of the database should be the full backup of the database at target path and restore it directly from the target path to the database itself (any one tool from MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle)
_ User should be able to define the backup overwrite settings, so that the existing backups can be managed without any problem. For this purpose, application shall provide the user with some options (Overwrite existing backup, delete existing backup to recycle bin, delete existing Backup permanently)
_ User should be able to perform backup/restore operations manually and automatically:
– For manual operation, user shall be presented with a windows (desktop) application so that the user can perform the backup, restore, change in settings operations manually.
– For automatic operation user shall save settings for automated backup/restore operations at startup, or time-to-time backups. For this purpose, the application shall utilize windows startup, registry operations and windows services.
_ Application shall have an alert system to notify user about success or failure of backup/restore
Operations. Log files and/or email should be used for this purpose.
According to the above requirements i need the following
Context Level Diagram
Data Flow diagram
ERD diagram
Activity Diagram
Sequecnce diagram
Architecture diagram
Class diagram
Data Base design
Interface design
Deplyement diagram
Test Cases


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