Discuss a nursing management or interventions appropriate for your

You are to write an essay which analyses a case study in order to discuss appropriate biopsychosocial factors and nursing management or interventions relevant to that case. Recent and relevant literature must be used to support your discussion.Instructions:

  1. 1)  Select a case study provided.
  2. 2)  Use recent literature to support your discussion:
  1. 2.1)  Discuss biopsychosocial factors that contribute to the development of the selected disorder.
  2. 2.2)  Discuss a nursing management or interventions appropriate for your

selected case study. 2.3) Discuss ethical implications for the selected case study.

Other elements:

  •   Ensure that you use scholarly literature (digitised readings, research articles, relevant Government reports and text books) that has been published within the last 10 years.
  •   Provide a clear introduction and conclusion to your paper.
  •   You may use headings to organise your work if you wish.

      Unless otherwise instructed, write in the third person.

  •   Use academic language throughout.
  •   Refer to the marking guidelines when writing your assignment. This will assist you in calculating the weightings of the sections for your assignment.
  •   State your name, essay title and word count (excluding your reference list) on the Title page.

    Please find the attached document


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