Describe the design process you used during the design challenge.

Design Challenge:

  1. Describe the design process you used during the design challenge.
  2. Watch the ABC Nightline IDEO Shopping Cart video.
    1. Why customer/user involvement is essential to product development?
    2. List the five IDEO’s mantra for innovation which was discussed around 4:21 into the video.
    3. Why is rapid prototyping important in the design process? Another IDEO’s mantra related to prototyping was discussed around 6:45 into the video. What is it?
    4. Discuss how you can apply what you’ve learned from the video to your FSE100 projects.


  1. Read “Tips for working successfully in a group” in the “Resources” folder. Which of those tips do you think you can apply in your team and why?
  2. Read Textbook Chapter 6 Section “Team Roles” on page 43 and 44, provide a one-sentence description of the responsibilities of each role.
  3. What do you believe are the important skills that you can bring to your team?
  4. What things will you have to improve on or overcome to work effectively within your team?


  1. What are the things you are most excited about learning or doing in this class? Are there specific topics you want to learn in this class?

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