Dear Dad, last Wednesday after long day of class, I was so hungry that I want to eat any thing that have the same taste of our food.

Fahad Alkhelaiwi

Professor: Nameroff

Date: Nov 18th, 2014

Essay #2

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Dear Dad, last Wednesday after long day of class, I was so hungry that I want to eat any thing that have the same taste of our food. I would not find something better than the Palestinian foods. I went to the restaurant that serves foods and Hookah at the same time.  By the way I had done one of my engineering project in the same restaurant, so I already know how is their kitchen is clean. I went to Alshami restaurant, the restaurant owned by family. They establish their business 3 years ago. The restaurant is located between Hayward and San Landor.  Which is 15 minutes away from my university.

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I know Dad how you love the Arabian restaurants, so in this latter I would write a review for you and describe how perfect is this restaurant. As you know Dad we share the same culture with other Arab, I surprise that the Palestinians are one of the closest Arab to our foods taste, for sure they have their own ingredients but their food almost look the same and taste the same of our foods. Their chef named AboAbad, the chef was working for the Holiday Inn hotel in Jordan. The chef has very good experience that makes him cook any kind of Arabian food. He had made me Kabsa twice and it was taste like the one we did back home.  However, the restaurant open 10 in the morning and close at 10 P.M.  The restaurant only serves halal food so I can eat any thing over there without thinking twice about the food whether it’s Halal or not. In addition, they provide very nice Hookahs with all kinds of flavors. I asked the owner bout their Hookahs; he told me that they brought the Hookahs from the Middle East, which is count, as a good thing about them.

As you taught me every thing has good and bad side, so I wont make my judgment until you tell me what you think about this restaurant. And before you tell me, I will give you the both pros and cons about the restaurant. First I will tell you about the restaurant interior, the restaurant interior is very simple there is nothing special except that they have good drawing in the wall, and I think someone had draws the capital city of Yemen Sana’a. Which is a nice thing but as you know Yemen very far away from Palestine. So I was really interesting and wanted to ask way did they draw Sana’a in the wall, then I asked the owner why did they draw Sana’a in the wall, he told me that they got the restaurant from Yemen guy, which explain a lot to me. Also they have made a special place for the Hookah, which is separated from the dinning area; so you wont smell the Hookah’s smoke when you eat. The Hookah place well designed and they brought all the decoration from the Middle East too. About the food they have all the common Arabian food such as falafel my favorite snack, Hummus, Kebab, half grilled chicken with rice, Foul Meddamas, Baba Ghanoush, Shawarma, and Kaftan. I asked the owner about their most popular order that the customer usually ask for it, he told me the customer really love the Shawarma and the Hummus. He said people here really love it. Honestly, I like all their food. In the other hand, they take long time to prepare the foods, because of that I never liked their service. Cause there are only Four people work there and two of them work in the kitchen and the other one is working as casher and the last one work as the wittier. So it would take more than 45 minutes at less to get your food. Which is too long and some time its take more, so that is their cons. The prices were fair enough and it’s seems cheap comparing with other Arabian restaurant.

I usually ask the restaurant to make me the Mansf or the Falafel. I really like it especially the Shawarma it’s really taste like the Shawarma that we have back home, their chef know how to do it. I have almost tried all their foods but this is what I liked. My younger brother Ahmed as you know he really love the Kofta kabab, he said their Kofta taste almost like the Turkish Kabab. By the way I asked them from where they get their supply, they told me that they buy all the food from two places. One called restaurant depot, is a restaurant supplier and provides good quality food. The other one is Costco that one is almost like the restaurant depot plus they have Halal meat and chicken. They buy the grocery from there too. I would like to mention that they have Arabian tea, I know Dad you are addicted to it. Even their Turkish coffee smell so nice but I haven’t try it.

Finally Dad, I hope you come to visit me in the summer. Then I can take to the restaurant and let see what I have talking about. In my opinion the restaurant is very good one but they need to improve the service, so people could enjoy the food and the service. I highly recommend the restaurant for you Dad. The best thing is, the restaurant is too close to my place and good restaurant at the same time.


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