Applies the theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to individuals, families, aggregates, and communities from entry to the healthcare system through long-term planning

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Topic: Vulnerable Population: Mental Disorders

Capstone Project Milestone 2

Design for Change Proposal Guidelines


You are to create a Design for Change proposal inclusive of your Practice Issue and Evidence Summary worksheet from your Capstone Project Milestone 1. Your plan is to convince your management team of a nursing problem you have uncovered and you feel is significant enough to change the way something is currently practiced. In the event you are not currently working as a nurse, please use a hypothetical clinical situation you experienced in nursing school, or nursing education issue you identified in your nursing program.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

  • CO1: Applies the theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to individuals, families, aggregates, and communities from entry to the healthcare system through long-term planning. (PO #1)
  • CO2: Proposes leadership and collaboration strategies for use with consumers and other healthcare providers in managing care and/or delegating responsibilities for health promotion, illness prevention, health restoration and maintenance, and rehabilitative activities. (PO #2)

Due Date

Milestone 2 consists of the proposal for your Design for Change Capstone Project. Submit this assignment to the Dropbox by the end of Week 4.


Milestone 2 is worth 225 points.


  • Create a proposal for your Design for Change Capstone Project. Open the NR451_Milestone2_Design_Proposal_ template in Course Resources to create your paper. You will include the information from Milestone 1, your practice issue and evidence summary worksheets, as you compose this proposal. Your plan is to convince your management team of a practice problem you have uncovered that is significant enough to change current practice.
  • The format for this proposal will be a paper following the Publication manual of APA 6th edition.
  • The paper is to be four- to six-pages excluding the Title page and Reference page.
  • As you organize your information and evidence, include the following topics.
    • Introduction:Write an introduction but do not use “Introduction” as a heading in accordance with the rules put forth in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (2010, p. 63). Introduce the reader to the plan with evidence-based problem identification and solution.
    • Change Model Overview: Overview of the ACE Star model (the model we have been discussing this session); define the scope of the EBP; identify the stakeholders, and determine the responsibility of the team members.
    • Evidence: Conduct internal and external searches of evidence; integrate and summarize the evidence summary worksheet from Milestone 1; develop a recommendation for change.
    • Translation: develop a hypothetical action plan; include measurable outcomes, reporting to stakeholders; identify next steps and disseminate the findings.
    • Conclusion: Provide a clear and concise summary, inclusive of the problem issue, the five points of the ACE Star change model; and ways to maintain the change plan.
  • Citations and Referencesmust be included to support the information within each topic area. Refer to the APA manual, Chapter 7, for examples of proper reference format. In-text citations are to be noted for all information contained in your paper that is not your original idea or thought. Ask yourself, “How do I know this?” and then cite the source. Scholarly sources are expected, which means using peer-reviewed journals and credible websites.
  • Tables and Figures may be added as appropriate to the project. They should be embedded within the body of the paper (see your APA manual for how to format and cite). Creating tables and figures offers visual aids to the reader and enhances understanding of your literature review and design for change.

Grading Criteria: Design for Change Capstone Project

Category Points % Description
Introduction 25 11% Introduction to the plan is nursing focused, with evidence-based problem identification and potential solutions clearly identified.
Change Model Overview 50 22% Practice issue is identified and is nursing focused. An overview of the ACE Star model is given. The need for change is evident. Stakeholders are identified. Practice area, team members and their role are identified and discussed. Scope of the problem is identified. State how nurses should use this model as a guide to facilitate change.
Evidence 50 22% Evidence is provided thru basic information that indicates a change is needed. For example, there have been 6 urinary tract infections over the last two months and there were none present the last two years at the same time period. What are some of the evidence-based interventions you discovered in your Evidence Summary that do you plan to use?
Translation 50 22% Activities to achieve the final steps of change are fully described. What is needed to achieve. How do you translate what information you have gathered into practice? How do you inform staff? What is your plan of action to pilot the plan? What is the timeline?
Conclusion 25 11% Clear, solid summary summarizing the key points and steps of the change plan is included; ways to sustain the change plan are described.
APA Format 25 11% Minimal errors.
Total 225 points 100%

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